Submissions FAQs

How should I submit my article?

Any and all submissions should be sent to the editors of the Docket Call at

How should I write my article?

Write in an informal, journalistic style. Avoid the style of law reviews, academic journals, and legal briefs. Short quotations and specific examples will improve an article. Open your article with a catchy, attention-getting lede, followed by a thesis paragraph that concisely states the gist of the article. Follow this with the facts and details of the topic, then conclude with a summary. Use gender-neutral language whenever possible, in accordance with Virginia State Bar policy. (Use “chair” instead of “chairman,” “worker’s compensation” instead of “workman’s compensation,” etc.)

How long should my article be?

Docket Call articles should be between 500 to 1,250 words (use your word processing software’s word count function). Please use end notes instead of footnotes, and keep them to a minimum. Articles should be submitted by e-mail, in Microsoft Word.

What about photographs?

Photographs submitted for use in Docket Call should be clear, high resolution digital images. The best photos are taken within six feet of their subject, in natural light or with a flash. All attempts to identify everyone in the photograph should be made when it is taken.

Will my article be edited?

All articles will be edited to conform to the Docket Call style. When you submit an article, you should review it carefully to ensure that it is correct and that all necessary material has been included.

May I proofread my article before it goes to press?

Editorial review by authors is a privilege, not an automatic right. If an author wishes and the schedule permits, the staff will allow one proofreading of the article at the page proof stage. The article must be returned on time or it will be run without the author’s notes or corrections.